Impact of Psychometric Assessment in Organizations

Psychometric assessments for organizations is like what X-rays are for Doctors. Psychometric assessments are not a solution in themselves but a tool that provides vital information about a person which is otherwise not visible. Psychometric assessments have been traditionally used as a pre-employment tool. Their usage has been limited and they were used like go/no-go gauge. There were many reasons for such a myopic use of this tool, prominent ones being – the traditional tools focused more on capturing weakness of a person, the assessments took a long time to complete, the spread of information provided was very limited, companies did not really care about grooming the talent.   But today the demands of business have changed, and technology has evolved. With the new cloud based AI integrated tools such as Predictive Index, it is now possible to determine the personality type of candidate and employees within 10 min and not one hour. The results are more focused on determining the natur