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What is The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment used for?

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment is a tool that is primarily used for assessing the behavioral drives and needs of individuals in a work setting. The assessment is designed to help employers and managers better understand their employees' behavioral tendencies, such as their natural inclinations, motivations, and communication styles.   The assessment can be used for a variety of purposes, including:   - Recruitment and selection: The assessment can be used as part of the hiring process to evaluate job candidates' behavioral fit for a particular role.   - Onboarding and development: The assessment can be used to help new employees better understand their work style and strengths, as well as to help managers tailor training and development programs to each individual's needs.   - Team building and collaboration: The assessment can be used to help teams better understand each other's communication and work styles, and to facilitate collaboration and teamwork.  

Why Candidates should Not Fear taking Psychometric Assessments

  Psychometric assessments are widely used in the recruitment process and as an effective tool for screening in candidates. Psychometric assessment tools are scientific tests designed to assess an individual’s personality traits and cognitive abilities. These may include predictive index (PI), cognitive ability tests, behavioral assessment tests, emotional intelligence tests, etc.  Their extensive use in the recruitment process is because these assessment tests help evaluate a candidate’s performance, skills, knowledge, attitudes, competencies, personality attributes, and job as well as academic potential. Psychometric assessment tests are standardized tests useful for HR managers and recruiters in the hiring process because they are accurate in predicting a candidate’s behavioral tendencies and his or her competency for a particular job role. The insight about the candidate’s personality and skills enables recruiters make better job-related decisions and provide training for employee