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6 Steps to Selecting a Behavioral Assessment Tool

Parameters to be considered before selecting the behavioral assessment tool for your organization Generally the only parameter that is given the most significance is cost of the assessment. This makes the companies pick up the cheapest option, under an assumption that all psychometric assessment tools are accurate and reliable. I would say, it is better not to have an assessment at all than to have one which gives misleading results. The latter is even more harmful for the organizations and for the psyche of the people. Based on my experience of working in this field, I would say to check the accuracy of the assessment you need to take care of the following parameters while making the selection of the tool that will work best for you: 1.      Reliability of assessment: Reliability refers to the consistency or stability of a measure. If the concept being measured is assumed to be consistent, such as a personality trait, then the measure should yield similar results if the same pe