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Why cognitive ability test is increasingly becoming important for pre-employment screening?

  Pre-employment screening is an important process while hiring a suitable candidate for a particular job role. In this process the recruiters or the organization verifies the information which the candidates have supplied through their applications and resumes or CVs. In pre-employment screening, recruiters use different tests, tools, methods, activities or tasks to verify the information and learn more about the candidates and their personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and how suitable they are for the position or job the organization has to offer them. Pre-employment screening till now primarily consisted of administering some IQ or knowledge tests, resume screening, and requiring candidates to do some job-related tasks to assess their skills. However, the trends are now changing. Today, in the modern world of technological advancement marked by changing working environments, cognitive ability tests which help assess a candidate’s ability to adjust to change and other important com

6 Steps to Selecting a Behavioral Assessment Tool

Parameters to be considered before selecting the behavioral assessment tool for your organization Generally the only parameter that is given the most significance is cost of the assessment. This makes the companies pick up the cheapest option, under an assumption that all psychometric assessment tools are accurate and reliable. I would say, it is better not to have an assessment at all than to have one which gives misleading results. The latter is even more harmful for the organizations and for the psyche of the people. Based on my experience of working in this field, I would say to check the accuracy of the assessment you need to take care of the following parameters while making the selection of the tool that will work best for you: 1.      Reliability of assessment: Reliability refers to the consistency or stability of a measure. If the concept being measured is assumed to be consistent, such as a personality trait, then the measure should yield similar results if the same pe

Importance of Psychometric Assessments for Hiring

  Importance of Psychometric Assessments for Hiring The usual process of hiring an employee to work at a company is quite familiar. This old convention begins with the publishing of a job description to attract potential candidates, after which the pool of applicants is rigorously screened to single out qualifications and traits that would be helpful for the job. There may be a selection committee that determines the proficiency level and past experience of a candidate, after which the lucky worker is scouted and hired. But can one gauge the finer aspects of a candidate’s workstyle and ethic solely based off of an interview and screening process? The answer to that dilemma is a psychometric test. What is a psychometric test? Psychometrics is the field of social sciences concerned with the study of psychological measurement. It can be used to measure one’s knowledge, abilities, personality traits and other attributes. A psychometric test hence provides clarity about one’s cognitive abil