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Why Candidates should Not Fear taking Psychometric Assessments

  Psychometric assessments are widely used in the recruitment process and as an effective tool for screening in candidates. Psychometric assessment tools are scientific tests designed to assess an individual’s personality traits and cognitive abilities. These may include predictive index (PI), cognitive ability tests, behavioral assessment tests, emotional intelligence tests, etc.  Their extensive use in the recruitment process is because these assessment tests help evaluate a candidate’s performance, skills, knowledge, attitudes, competencies, personality attributes, and job as well as academic potential. Psychometric assessment tests are standardized tests useful for HR managers and recruiters in the hiring process because they are accurate in predicting a candidate’s behavioral tendencies and his or her competency for a particular job role. The insight about the candidate’s personality and skills enables recruiters make better job-related decisions and provide training for employee

Importance of Psychometric Assessments for Hiring

  Importance of Psychometric Assessments for Hiring The usual process of hiring an employee to work at a company is quite familiar. This old convention begins with the publishing of a job description to attract potential candidates, after which the pool of applicants is rigorously screened to single out qualifications and traits that would be helpful for the job. There may be a selection committee that determines the proficiency level and past experience of a candidate, after which the lucky worker is scouted and hired. But can one gauge the finer aspects of a candidate’s workstyle and ethic solely based off of an interview and screening process? The answer to that dilemma is a psychometric test. What is a psychometric test? Psychometrics is the field of social sciences concerned with the study of psychological measurement. It can be used to measure one’s knowledge, abilities, personality traits and other attributes. A psychometric test hence provides clarity about one’s cognitive abil

Impact of Psychometric Assessment in Organizations

Psychometric assessments for organizations is like what X-rays are for Doctors. Psychometric assessments are not a solution in themselves but a tool that provides vital information about a person which is otherwise not visible. Psychometric assessments have been traditionally used as a pre-employment tool. Their usage has been limited and they were used like go/no-go gauge. There were many reasons for such a myopic use of this tool, prominent ones being – the traditional tools focused more on capturing weakness of a person, the assessments took a long time to complete, the spread of information provided was very limited, companies did not really care about grooming the talent.   But today the demands of business have changed, and technology has evolved. With the new cloud based AI integrated tools such as Predictive Index, it is now possible to determine the personality type of candidate and employees within 10 min and not one hour. The results are more focused on determining the natur